K. T. at conference

Tamara Deroma, who writes under the pen name K.T.Crow (born in Turin, 9th March 1979), is an Italian writer of horror and fantasy fiction.

Authors such as Terry Brooks, Stephen King take pride of place on her shelves, along with the subgenre “urban fantasy”, the novels of Anne Rice, Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” and film masterpieces such as “The Crow”, have deepened her great love of the gothic and the occult.

These passions are only natural, considering Tamara’s predisposition towards the paranormal having been born and raised in the magical city of Turin.

One book in particular contributed to making her “noir” streak emerge, “Vampire$” by John Steakley. But music (her inspirational muse), cinema, comicbooks, and the world of videogames have all played a part in her full stylistic maturity.

She wrote the first chapters of “I 7 Demoni reggenti” (“The Seven Ruling Demons”) between the beginning of 2001 and the end of the summer of 2008.

Tamara then began working with Edizioni Sabinae, a small publishing house. With them she published “I 7 Demoni Reggenti” the first part of the saga of the same name, in 2009. In 2010 the sequel “Il Portale Oscuro” (“The Dark Portal”) followed, which sealed the approval of her niche public.

When she realised that the distribution of the publishing house was too small, Tamara decided to trust in her own gifts of communication and promoted her novels alone through unconventional channels.

She established relationships with a fair number of bookshops and launched her “Mortor Tour”. She attended fairs and presentations of books and comicbooks and quickly became the first female writerentrepreneur (see this article in Italian from Torino Sette, a supplement in “La Stampa”:


Her marketing was nonstop. With considerable support from her husband Flavio, the author worked on web channels, her website, on social networks. She created booktrailers dedicated to the saga, and at the same time she maintained dialogue with bookshops and readers, all of whom were happy to have the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with


As well as trialling ebook versions of her novels and launching a second edition of “I 7 Demoni Reggenti”, this constant effort allowed Tamara to reach the Salone del Libro in Turin.

In December 2011 the short horror story “Fratelli di sangue” (“Blood brothers) written for the anthology “i vampiri non esistono” (“Vampires don’t exist”) was published by Edizioni Domino.

After almost a year’s break from public engagements, the author announced the release of the third chapter in the saga, “Il Salvatore” (“The Saviour”) for Spring 2013. The novel was presented at several fantasy and comicbook fairs before reaching the Salone del Libro in Turin in 2014.

Tamara is currently working on the next chapter in the saga.

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